Ready for use

Playground Completion

BCI Burke sound garden

Safety Surfacing Musical Notes

fence panels - shade structure

no fault sports group

Poured in Place - Safety Surfacing

The size of the project required a precise timeline in order to complete all three phases (not in sequential order) while keeping one phase open to the students at all times.  The project started on June 16 and was completed September 22.

The communication that Buell Recreation has with the Project Manager, school staff and subcontractors allowed for everyone to be on the same page throughout each step of the way.  

phase 3:

sky house, mountain house and courtyard

Shade Structures, Nucleus, Voltage, Volito, Swing, Sandtables, Spring Toys and More

​Ages 2-12 (12,000 sq ft)

phase 1:

tree house playground

Tree House Playground 

Burke Nucleus Structure plus Sound Garden

Poured In Place - Safety

Ages 5-12 (3,000 sq ft)

phase 2:

Forest & waterhouse playground

Train Station - Little Buddies, Voltage Structure, Kid Corrals

​Ages 2-5 (10,000 sq ft)

Large or small each and every project we take on is special, however we wanted to take this opportunity to document a playground and share how the customization evolves and the implementation of a project timeline works.  

During the spring and summer of 2014 the team at Buell Recreation were on track to bring a new custom playground to the Muckleshoot Child Development Center.  With a focus on nature we designed themed play areas featuring natural elements such as mountains, trees, water and sky which served as home to a multitude of play events and musical play panels including drums.   

The project included demolition, removal and disposal of the current play structures and surfacing. The scope of this massive project consisted of approximately 25,000 sq. ft. spread out over three individual play areas.

​Check out the videos below.

A Very Special Place For LEARNING AND play

Muckleshoot Child Development Center

Muckleshoot Indian Tribe - ​Auburn, Washington