Courtney Brown, Buell Recreation

We Thank You!

From Justin Kettman
Teacher, Muckleshoot Child Development Center
​Auburn, WA
My experience working with Buell Recreation was great from the first time I had a representative from Buell come out and look at the playgrounds we were looking to change.  They were very receptive to listening to what we wanted and needed for our playgrounds, while always having a primary focus on safety for our playgrounds.  The communication from start to finish was better than I ever imagined it would be.  This was with Buell and all of the contractors they had working on the job.  Any changes, even of the slightest, were communicated immediately and with an all inclusive approach to ensure all were on the same page for every aspect of the project.

I had four companies submit bids for this job and the selection of Buell Recreation was quite simple for us in the end. They always focused on our number one priority, which was safety.  They demonstrated this several times throughout the process of designing and developing our playgrounds.  One example I can give that makes this clear is with a playground structure.  I had selected a structure that they found to be unsafe for the age it was going to be used for and they recommended a structure that was safer for that age that was almost half the price.  Not many people or companies would sacrifice money for safety and Buell demonstrated their concern for the safety of our children every step of the way.  The other major reason we went with Buell was their attention to detail and spending the time to make sure everything was done correctly.

We had a total of six playgrounds created for specific age groups to have their own section and I have found that the kids now utilize every component on each playground, as they are age appropriate equipment.  The structures and equipment that we had installed on each playground have resulted in a drastic decrease in injuries or accidents occurring on our playgrounds.  The kids love the new playgrounds, the staff found it much safer and educational, and the parents are pleased with the variety of activities for children with all kinds of preferences. It looks good as well!!

I would recommend Buell Recreation to anyone that is looking for a safe, quality playground.  Buell delivered on everything I was looking for in a company.  They focused on safety for the children through every step of the process, including the construction phase as we had children at the facility during construction.  They clearly communicated during every phase of the process, absolutely great company for communication.  The products they installed are as advertised and the design of each playground is true to our plan.  Buell Recreation helped make this major project go smoothly and they delivered a quality final product.

Justin Kettman
​Muckleshoot CDC
​Auburn, WA