safety surfacing options

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poured in place rubber

Poured in place rubber is another protective surfacing option that can be used underneath and surrounding playgrounds.  It is installed by certified professionals as one continuous surface, typically without seams, which makes it an easy accessibility option.  Poured in place rubber is available in a variety of thicknesses to meet fall height requirements and is well suited for custom projects with a variety of colors, logo's or special designs.

playground protective borders

Protective borders for your playground equipment help protect the integrity of the playground surface area or stop dirt from being dragged across your safety surface tiles, etc. An appropriate border is a must.  We can assist with a variety of options for playground protective borders.

wear mats

Wear mats help protect heavy traffic areas where loose fill safety surfacing can be kicked out to expose the bare ground.  It is suggested to place wear mats under swings, slides and spinning events if this is happening.

Artificial Turf

Turf is one of the newer safety surface options.  It comes in three different weights. The turf has antimicrobial, acrylic covered infill with cooling properties at the base of the turf blades.  The turf allows water to flow through it and the protective pad during heavy rains. Children will love crawling on this surface and it will provide sensory benefits as well.

Safety surfacing for your playground is an important feature that we factor in as part of the planning process.  As our poster depicts, we offer a variety of surfaces and colors to compliment any project. 

All playground surfacing materials should be compatible with the ASTM F1292 standard. Learn more about proper surfacing, ASTM guidelines and guidelines provided by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.
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Engineered wood fiber

Engineered wood fiber is the one of the most common surfacing option for playgrounds.  If you already have EWF under your playground equipment, we will be happy to give you a quote for topping off to the recommended level.  

rubber tiles

Rubber tiles are a surface children like to play on.  They require little maintenance and will last for years.  Rubber tiles comes in all primary colors and can be blended with other colors to match the playground equipment.  It is a good surface for wheelchairs to roll on as well as protecting children from life threatening fall injuries.