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Indoor Activities You Can Enjoy Outdoors

As people venture back outdoors to reconnect with nature and bask in the warmth of the sun, activities that were traditionally associated with the indoors are finding a new home in the open air. With summer in full swing, the timing couldn't be more fitting!

The well-documented advantages of outdoor engagement are numerous. Playing outside not only contributes to enhanced physical and mental well-being but also fosters social interactions and offers greater access to nature. Breathing in fresh air and basking in natural light prove to be exceptional stress-relievers. It's a wonderful opportunity that's hard to resist…and with so many great natural areas available in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Nevada, why not take advantage! 

Encouraging outdoor movement aligns perfectly with our mission at Buell Recreation, and the recent shift back to outdoor pursuits has us excited about the many ways individuals can embrace our cherished realm—OUTDOORS! Naturally, as a company dedicated to play, playgrounds, and recreation, the great outdoors remains at the heart of our focus. There are plenty of options beyond slides, climbers, and bridges.

Outdoor Activities for Everyone

Here are several ways people across all age groups are embracing the outdoors, opting for activities under the radiant sun rather than the glare of artificial fluorescent lights:

  • Outdoor Fitness. Gyms aren't the only places to get in effective workouts. Our outdoor fitness collections are designed to challenge and invigorate bodies in healthy ways while simultaneously offering the benefits of outdoor engagement. They cater to kids aged 5-12 and adults 13+. The ACTIVATE® Fitness Circuits merge muscle toning and building with cardio routines, ELEVATE® serves as an obstacle course for individuals and teams, and INVIGORATE® targets people aged 13+ by featuring familiar gym equipment like ellipticals, recumbent bikes, and chest presses, all in standalone pieces that take up minimal outdoor space. When you're having this much fun, exercise doesn't feel like work!


  • Outdoor Learning. Not all learning unfolds within four walls. In fact, studies show that outdoor learning environments elevate test scores and cultivate creativity and problem-solving skills. We've curated collections that foster learning experiences for all ages, from Sensory and Exploration stations that cater to early childhood development and StemPlay™ that centers on engineering and science, to Art Spot™ that unleashes artistic potential and Nucleus playsets designed for enriching educational settings.


  • Outdoor Music. Music and play go together like peanut butter and jelly. That's why we've created an array of outdoor musical instruments including drums, chimes, metallophones, pianos, and guitars. Combine them and you'll have a junior musical ensemble in no time. Our outdoor music collections, such as PlayEnsemble® and Sound Garden, combine some of our most sought-after instruments, functioning as freestanding music hubs or complementing existing Buell play structures. Music and movement promote wellness while nurturing imaginative, cooperative, and problem-solving skills. Add the benefits of nature to the mix, and you might never want to listen to indoor music again.

Crafting Opportunities for Expanded Outdoor Activities

Transforming indoor activities into outdoor experiences involves shifting our perspectives and devising creative ways to incorporate them into outdoor spaces. This could be as simple as situating outdoor instruments in unexpected locations, like along walking paths or near local community centers. It's all about cultivating opportunities; once they’re in place, the magic happens organically.

For more inspiration, feel free to reach out to us today!