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Planning a Playground

Planning a playground is an exciting opportunity for your organization, school or community. You have many important issues to address such as site preparation, safety, durability, costs, age appropriate play events, installation, etc.

Let the trained professionals at Buell Recreation help you with the planning process by first providing a free site and needs assessment. Our design team can bring your playground to life with our 2D and 3D drawings to help you visualize your project. We make it our business to be up to date on industry standards and safety guidelines, and provide full service from project start to finish and beyond.

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7 Easy Steps

STEP ONE: Get the Ball Rolling

Check out our playground equipment gallery and catalog for ideas and play events. Request a free catalog or visit our manufacturers online digital catalog.

STEP TWO: Needs Analysis

Call or email us to set up a meeting at your site location. Think about what age group, amount of space, budget and how will this playground be used. We have experience working with schools,city parks, daycare, churches, housing developments and our expertise will guide you in your planning.

​STEP THREE: Playground Design

We will walk you through our design process utilizing the information to plan the unique playground customized to fit your needs and environment. Our focus will be to create a play environment that will provide your children with social, cognitive, physical and a safe and stimulating place to play.

STEP FOUR: Build Consensus & Raise Funds

Our priority is building a relationship with our customers. There are often many people and steps involved in the decision making process. We will meet with your organization and make sure everyone gets the information they need. We can provide 3D design posters, virtual tours and fly-through videos of your playground project. Any other questions about safety certifications, ADA compliance, costs, funding options, etc. will be addressed so you can be confident in making your decision.

STEP FIVE: Product Delivery

You can be confident that our playground equipment is in great shape when it arrives. Our shipping costs are hard to beat and the utmost care is taken during the packing and shipping process. When all the equipment and parts are accounted for at your site we will ask you to sign a bill of lading as receipt from the carrier that everything was complete and in good condition when it arrives.

STEP SIX: Installation

​All equipment is shipped unassembled. Buell Recreation works with factory-certified installers and will coordinate this process from start to finish. Some customers prefer to install their playgrounds with some help and others prefer that we handle the heavy lifting.

STEP SEVEN: Ongoing Support & Service

​We pride ourselves on the relationships we have with our customers and providing them with friendly services and prompt responses. Ongoing support and service to our playground equipment is important to us whether it's a warranty question or just a follow up to see how things are going. We would be happy to provide a list of customers we have worked with in the past.