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Featured Commercial Playground Projects

Hope Playground at Sam Johnson Park – Redmond, OR

When a small group of moms in Redmond, Oregon approached the city about a new playground at Sam Johnson Park, they had no idea it would become the amazing, collaborative project it came to be. What is now the largest inclusive playground in Oregon, Hope Playground, opened in October 2015 and is a destination for children and families of all abilities. The opening of Hope Playground at Sam Johnson Park celebrates years of grassroots collaboration, design, fundraising, grants (most notably from the Kiwanis Club) and construction. The community rallied behind the idea that a premier inclusive playspace that offered the opportunity for children and community members of all abilities to gather and play together could make an impact in the entire region!




Marine Park – Blaine, WA

With a location overlooking Drayton Harbor in Blaine, WA, the Marine Park playground is an example of a fun, unique, creative and educational play environment that helps tell the history of a city. The water has long been an important part of Blaine, so a ship and lighthouse combination was a natural choice for the theme of the playspace. It not only offers excellent play value, but also pays tribute to a long relationship between the town and the body of water it relies on for industry, tourism and recreation.

Children love the imaginative play pieces such as numerous decks and panels that make it feel like a “real” ship. A large climbing rock, slides and plenty of room to run help kids stay active and have fun in this beautiful destination play environment.




Muckleshoot Child Development Center - Auburn, WA

Outdoor classrooms combine learning and play providing an amazing opportunity for physical, cognitive and social development. The Muckleshoot Child Development Center features an outdoor classroom with three play areas for children ages 6 months to 12 years spread across five acres of natural space. With everything from Social Rest Areas to Active and Motion Play Events to Tactile and Auditory Play Spaces, this incredible outdoor learning environment offers the chance to develop a variety of important skills that will take children into adulthood.