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Play Structure for Playgrounds

Play Structures to Enhance Your Community

Play is essential for children's healthy development, both physically and mentally. It helps them learn, grow, and socialize. Playgrounds add value to the community, as well. They can enhance an area’s natural beauty and serve as a gathering place for children and adults alike. 

Don’t have the budget or space for new commercial playground equipment? You can still upgrade an existing space by adding select play structures that offer fun for all. 

Here are five great play structures that can make a new or existing playground shine and create a sense of pride for your community!

  1. Volito Swing: Kids love swinging almost as much as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! This swing can accommodate multiple children, including those with mobility devices. It's a great way for kids to socialize and have fun together, regardless of their abilities. As an added bonus, you can double up with a second Volito or even connect an AirVenture® Glider in a double swing bay to add versatility to your play structure. 
  2. PlayEnsemble®: They say music is the universal language, and who doesn’t love to make a little noise? This musical play structure is perfect for children of all ages and abilities. It encourages creativity, cooperation, and communication. Adults might be tempted to join in, too. We say let’s get the band together; after all, the more, the merrier!
  3. Novo® Playful Furniture: A lot of attention is paid to play structures, but kids and adults alike need a place to take a breather. This furniture is both comfortable and fun to play on. It's a great way for people to rest, socialize, and play in one place.
  4. Level X® or Level X Exteme: At first glance, these climbing adventures are so uniquely designed, you might just mistake them for art installations. In addition to adding a bit of culture and class to the playground, these play structures are perfect for kids who love to challenge themselves. They're also a great way for children to develop communication and social skills.
  5. Brava™ Universal Swing: Swings are arguably the most popular play structures in any playground, but traditional swing sets can be limiting. Brava was designed to allow kids of all abilities to have fun in the same shared space. It allows children with mobility devices to swing side-by-side with their peers. It's a great way for kids to feel included and have fun together.

If you're looking for ways to enhance your community and brighten up your play space, consider adding one or more of these play structures. They'll help to ensure that all children can experience the joy of play. Contact a Buell Recreation representative today to get started!