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What's Trending in the World of Play?

Play is an intrinsic part of our nature, fostering growth, learning, and development. Staying attuned to play trends allows Buell Recreation to consistently bring you the best and most groundbreaking products that invigorate communities throughout the Pacific Northwest and promote movement.

Outdoor Fitness:

Given the surge in childhood obesity and increasing screen time, prioritizing physical fitness has become imperative, especially for children. Transitioning fitness activities outdoors benefits everyone. It promotes equity and access, helps adults set healthy examples for children so they will be culturally literate, and unites everyone in an outdoor setting. The ELEVATE® Fitness Course seamlessly merges fun and challenge outdoors and easily integrates with play environments for both 5-12-year-olds and children 13+. This course encourages movement within a thoughtfully designed space, facilitating comfortable multi-level exercises that individuals of varying fitness levels can enjoy together.

Intergenerational Engagement:

An emerging trend we’re excited about involves bringing people of all ages and abilities together in shared spaces for exercise, musical exploration, and play. This approach fosters healthy habits, nurtures community relationships, and enhances language skills, motor abilities, and creative problem-solving. Our Novo® Playful Furniture turns the conventional concept of playground seating inside out, placing it within the playspace. It offers comfortable seating and imaginative play, doubling as a climbing and balancing play event. Its versatility enables users to tailor their experiences and utilize these innovative products in diverse ways each time.

Universal Design:

Recognizing the pivotal role play has in child development, establishing an inclusive and equitable environment is both a trend and a necessity. While all our playgrounds adhere to ADA requirements, our focus extends to universal design. This encompasses not just accessibility but ensuring that children, regardless of age or ability, can actively engage with the space. This means a variety of play experiences to cater to each child's interests, abilities, and attention levels. It also involves incorporating varying levels of play within the same space. For instance, swings are beloved by children. Catering to different abilities, we offer options such as standard belt swings, the Konnection® Swing for caregivers and children, and the Freedom Swing for those requiring mobility assistance. These options enable diverse individuals to swing together at their comfort level.


Musical play and exploration hold universal appeal, benefiting individuals of all ages and abilities. Music acts as a bridge, fostering connections among children and enhancing language comprehension. Outdoor musical instruments are popular in parks, schools, and community spaces, enriching play environments as part of a playspace or standalone event. These instruments encourage inclusivity, uniting people of various ages in musical play. Our PlayEnsemble® offers finely-tuned instruments that invite children and adults to create music collaboratively. Available in various colors and configurations, these instruments are designed to produce harmonious sounds regardless of the player's age, kindling a love for music.

As play professionals, our aim is to enrich communities with the finest experiences. Incorporating these innovative play trends will add an extra layer of excitement and development to these vital spaces. For further details, contact Buell Recreation today!